What makes us special?


For us, helping people is not an issue.  That's because we're people-centric, not issue-centric.



A problem standing in the way of a person's self-sufficiency usually does not stand alone. There are other issues lurking in the shadows.  We laud issue-specific social services, e.g. shelters and food banks, for keeping people out of harm's way: however, to move an individual up the ladder to self-sufficiency, we have to address multiple issues simultaneously. For example, we provide child care, while dad learns English and prepares for citizenship and mom receives training in workforce development. Our case managers and learning facilitators communicate effectively so everybody is clear on the client's needs. And, Genesis has highly qualified partners throughout the region to supply services we might not have.


You know the old saying, "if you want to help a person, they have to help themselves."  We want everybody to get ahead in life, but our learners must show commitment.  Our approach benefits the serious learners who want to climb the rungs, the taxpayers and donors who rightly demand results, and prospective employers and officials who need reliable workers. 

The Genesis 5-C's

1) Commitment: Where applicable, learners are required to make a small financial commitment.

2) Community: Learners are expected to contribute to the greater Providence community.

3) Conduct: Learners must adhere to a code of conduct: honesty, civility, respect and service to others.

4) Consistency: Learners must be punctual and attend all classes.

5) Collaboration:  Learners are expected to work in a harmonious and productive manner with classmates and staff.


The driving force behind everything we do is compassion.  Sister Angela will tell you about the mornings she walked through neighborhoods seeing people out on the streets, penniless, cold and hungry.  She could not see her brothers and sisters go without - no longer could she witness decent, deserving people go ignored and undervalued when all they needed were some steps in the right direction.