Genesis Center's Leaders and Staff


Board of directors

Executive Committee

  • Dean Martins, Chair
  • Chye Hup Chua, Vice Chair/Treasurer
  • Ralph M. Kinder, Esq., Secretary

Board Members

  • Sister Angela Daniels
  • Daniel F. Healy, III
  • Jennifer Griffiths
  • Alemy Mondestin
  • Mark Pogue, Esq.
  • Sandra Yates
  • Patricia DiFolco
  • Xavier Jimenez

Management Team

  • Shannon Carroll, President & CEO
  • Tyla McCaffrey-Pimentel, Adult Services Director 
  • Catherine Green, Childcare Administrator


  • Christopher Ackley, Financial Coach
  • Lourdes Aguirre, Learning Facilitator
  • Moin Ajmiri, Learning Facilitator
  • Malaika Alexander, Learning Facilitator
  • Cindy Alvarado, Job Coach & VITA Coordinator
  • Ianka Brito Rodriguez, Childcare Teacher
  • Marcos Bonilla Cruz, Enrollment Assistant
  • David Buchalter, Learning Facilitator
  • Sheryl Buchanan,  Learning Facilitator/Evening Coordinator
  • Yocasta Castro, Childcare Teacher
  • Sondy Cheriza, Maintenance Coordinator 
  • Joyce Cote, Learning Facilitator
  • Cintia Cuevas, Special Projects Liaison
  • Luzleny Cutler, Learning Facilitator 
  • Patricia Deliza, Accounts Payable Clerk 
  • Nicole Dumes, Finance/Financial Opportunity Center Specialist
  • Cherilyn Dyer, Enrollment & Support Services Coordinator
  • Kamal Elias, Learning Facilitator
  • Anika Goldman, Lead Childcare Teacher/Education Coordinator
  • Keila Gonzalez, Childcare Assistant 
  • Liz Hanke, Workforce Coordinator
  • Patricia Haynes , Learning Facilitator 
  • Maria Hernandez-Monti , Childcare Teacher 
  • Genowefa “Gienia” Kocur, Learning Facilitator
  • Perpetua “Tania” Lobo, Executive Assistant 
  • Nilda Mendez Gonzalez, Childcare Assistant
  • Enriqueta Molina, Learning Facilitator 
  • Amy Morales, Family Support Specialist - Case Management
  • Susie Peguero, Assistant Chef/Assistant Culinary Arts Instructor
  • Emilia Perez, Learning Facilitator
  • Claudia Perri, Learning Facilitator 
  • Joshua Riazi, Culinary Arts Manager/Chef
  • Jeffrey Rodrigues, Learning Facilitator 
  • Carol Scott, Learning Facilitator
  • Bonnie Taylor, Lead Learning Facilitator
  • Catalina Torres, Childcare Teacher
  • Marie Gema Vieux, Enrollment Assistant